29 Nov - Pelajar Cemerlang SR Serasa

Sambutan Pelajar Cemerlang di Sekolah Rendah Serasa.

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Nov 22 - Preschoolers participate in orientation

The school headmaster delivering his speech before officiating the event.

Some of the preschoolers reading books at the library.

Serasa Primary School held a three-day orientation for the preschoolers for next year, recently.

The event began with a speech delivered by the School Headmaster, Awg Hj Hamidun bin Haji Hassan, who later officiated the Preschool Orientation. A briefing from the School's Academic Officer and from two preschool teachers followed after.

The main objective of the orientation was to reduce the crying zone when the students will start their schooling next year. Many activities will be given during the orientation such as games and colouring to make the students keen on going to school.

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2 Mei - SR Serasa memenangi banyak piala dalam acara PPPS+M

Sekolah Rendah Serasa telah mendapat tempat Pertama dalam Best CD-Rom Competition, Ayub Bukiang dari SR Serasa mendapat tempat Pertama dalam Best Presenter, mendapat tempat Ketiga dalam Best Design and Technology Competition dan Shahidah dari SR Serasa mendapat Top Ten dalam Explomaths competition.

Tajuk Projek SR Serasa adalah 'Eco-Friendly House'.

30 Oktober - Under 13 Cricket Competition 2011

Man of the match Md Kamil fron SR Serasa.

Brunei's annual Under-13 cricket tournament took place at Ong Sung Ping Ground on Sunday with five teams in the fray - Sekolah Rendah Sg Tali, St Georges Mix, Sekolah Rendah Jerudong, Sekolah Rendah NAR Menunggol and Sekolah Rendah Serasa.

Teachers had done the basic coaching course just a few months back by the Development Manager Haji Rusdi. They all gave their best even though they had no exposure to the game before this.

Most of them were from Primary 3-6. Up to 70 students and around six teachers took part in this event. Splendid talent was seen and they will be called for training with the Brunei Under 15. More regular trips will be made to these schools starting November to polish these kids up

All the teams played each other. Whenever two teams were battling each other out on the ground, the remaining youngsters of the three teams went to the practice nets and had a great time and were being coached by three of Brunei U21 players - Matin, Shavez and Mujahid.

On the matches, coach Aleem Mushtaq said: 'It was a complete cricket scenario, that how we can discover new talent and then polish it."

Development Manager Hj Rusdi's view about Sunday was 'I love to see them enjoying the game. They have picked up the game very fast, and I believe they can be a good player if we give them full support and teach them the right basic techniques.'

At the end of the day, St Georges Mix emerged victorious when they defeated Sek Ren Serasa in an intense and to the last ball final match. Aji of Sek Rendah Serasa was determined to carry his team to victory to the last ball with some good batting.

Hj Mosli bin Haji Mohammad, the President of Brunei's Cricket Association presented the medals and trophies to all the players. The Man of the Match of the final match was Kamil Johari from Sek Rendah Serasa.

The Cricket Association also provided each player with free team shirts and caps as well as refreshment and lunch.